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The diary of a Marathon Runner!

My writing isn't as prolific as it should be, it's hard to keep on top of it, when you're trying to balance family, work, training and events and the small matter of a Challenge that absorbed a fair chunk of life for a couple of years, so I'm going to try and play catch up a bit, although a fair amount of my musings will probably end up in the story about The 100Peaks, but that's for later! So I've decide that I'm going to dedicate this post to write (or muse) purely about the Marathons I've taken on this year, marathon running in general and my experiences along the way. This year I completed Chester Ultra (50miles+)/Greater Manchester Marathon/Paris Marathon/Virgin Money London Marathon and The Milton Keynes Marathon.
While in the grand scheme of things taking on 4 Marathons and an Ultra during the course of a calendar year (January to December) isn't a big deal for many seasoned athletes, I do however believe it's an achievable goal for many…