30 days to go (no need to paniccccccccccccc)

Firstly my apologies as I publish this post, I've still got loads to catch up on from the second half of 2016 and the first part of 2017! I will get back to that I promise, there is some great stuff to write about, The Cateran Yomp, Berlin Marathon, The Winter Fan Dance - Trident Edition and my first official Ultra and a few Marathons in April (this month)!

But with 30 days to go and the weekend just gone being Lloydy's birthday it seemed appropriate to pen an update on The 100 Peaks Challenge.

We are now as you can imagine into the business end of the Challenge, with Ops and Logistics being the spearhead of our focus at the moment, even relatively simple tasks of getting to the start of the Challenge (Basecamp 1 - Glen Nevis) are more difficult than you can imagine, especially when you have no money as such to fund a Challenge like this! We have though been fortunate in the last week to receive a cash sum towards the Ops costs which means at least now we have some cashflow and in essence makes the Challenge (more) viable. It was always going to go ahead, but there will be less having to 'wing it' now, we hope!

The routes are now all complete and along with all the documentation we need to make the Challenge happen those 30 days are going to fly by! If you're taking part in the Challenge, the info packs will be out soon, hopefully before the bank holiday, but with; Medical Procedures/Risks Assessment/Ops Plans/Kit Lists/Due Diligence and Routes to finalise it's been a busy few weeks. There's probably scope for suggesting that we probably don't need all the admin and that we're creating more work for ourselves and to be fair if we were just 'me' then I guess winging it would be the way forward. The dream however has always been to make this Challenge 'open to all' in no matter what capacity you would like to be involved. That then means we have to ensure that everyone involved remains safe, within the realms of what we're able to control.

It's scary to think that with just over two years of planning that in 30 days we will get clipped in overlooking the Moray Firth and begin a 25 day journey (that began over 2 years ago) to pay tribute to and honour my little brother and 455 other service personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The goal has always been to keep Lloydy's light shining bright and raise as much money as we can for both ABF The Soldiers Charity and Support our Paras as his legacy, and of course take on perceptibly one of the most demanding extreme endurance challenges ever conceived in the UK.

The FULL Challenge Team have worked extremely hard to get themselves mentally and physically prepared for this challenge, which would not be possible without the support we've had not just from our friends and peers, but the support team (which has worked exceptionally hard in recent weeks) and of course our incredible and wonderful families.

Ultimately this Challenge wouldn't be possible without you all, and on that note, I'll leave it there with a 'big love' you're all amazing and know that in our dark moments of which in the 25 days there will be many, you'll be our light. In the same way the man who inspired this Challenge is to me.

For you and for him, we will go always a little further xxx


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