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The 100 Peaks Challenge - A Year On!


This time last year the embryonic scribblings for what the 100 Peaks Challenge has already become, began. Most will know that the Challenge began life as "Beyond the Last Blue Mountain – the Ally SkyGod Challenge". A mouthful and one that didn't roll off the tongue easily. It became a battle then of capturing the ethos of why it was called that in the first place (the tribute I wanted it to be for my little brother), and finding something succinct that would leave no confusion as to what we are trying to achieve.

A year on it's hard to believe how far the Project has come. The 100 Peaks Challenge is instantly recognisable and has seemingly captured the imagination of many. There is a complete Management and Support Team in place handling operations as well as a Training and Medical Team managingthose that have registered for the Challenge.

Registration for the Full Challenge has already closed and the Information Packs and Training Trackers is…

A Champion!?

Back in October I'd been alerted to Ordnance Surveys #GetOutside Campaign.

Are You a Champion of the Outdoors? Was the question.

I thought why not lets write a little ditty about what we're trying to achieve with The 100 Peaks Challenge and see what happens, I wrote: 


"I wanted to try and create the single biggest endurance event ever staged in the UK taking in all four countries – Scotland, England (inc. Isle of Man), Ireland and Wales, involving as many willing participants as possible, across three disciplines, tabbing, cycling and kayaking, and claiming 100 peaks above 2000ft in 25 days.

Inspire is not a word I would use to describe myself, the Challenge I've created however, I hope does and the reasons behind its creation and the causes we are taking the Challenge on for certainly do. The Challenge has been created as a tribute to my little brother, he was killed in ac…

A little catch up - Paras 10 Colly

It's been a while since I've written a post and there's possibly a fair bit to bring everyone up to speed on! It's been a bit of a crazy 12 months or so since the details of The 100 Peaks Challenge were announced, most of my spare time is taken up now either training for or planning the Challenge, luckily I have a very understanding wife and some incredible people doing all they can to make it happen and reduce the burden.
Firstly we'll start with The Paras'10 at Colly back in November! With posts on Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion, Winter Fan Dance and 100 Peaks Update to follow.....
PARAS'10 COLCHESTER - 15.11.15
My first effort at the Paras'10 was back in September 2012 at Catterick, myself and so many incredible friends (17 in total) signed up for that event, it seems like time ago now. But that event alone was the catalyst for what has since gone and what is still to come.

This was No. 6 and still I hadn't got anywhere near close to breaking …