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The Virgin Money London Marathon Training.....

.....and the announcement of a 'little' challenge!

Truth be told when I rocked up to the start line of the Winter Fan Dance it was a decision I knew I was likely to regret, not because of the event and how tough it can be, but because I knew I was taking a chance with my knees. I was only three weeks into a physio rehab programme and had only just been given the go ahead to 'return to running'. Not too mention I had cancelled my appointment on the Wednesday prior to the Fan Dance, just in case my physio tried to talk me out of it, which she would have been in her right to have done. 
When I finished the Fan Dance I wasn't thinking of the repercussions of the potential damage or the set back I was facing, I was too ecstatic at smashing my previous times on the Fan by some considerable margin, which considering I hadn't trained with a pack since Point to Point, meant the endorphin's lasted well into the Monday after.
Monday during the course of the day I was beg…