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Update on VMLM2014 Training.......

...........COMING SOON, he said! 
6 weeks later, I finally knuckle down to begin writing it!
The last time I wrote, I'd just had a week off training after completing the Winter Fan Dance event and I had just begun Week 7 of the 16 Weeks Marathon Training Plan, which I began at Week 6, because simple maths suggested that after having a week off after the Winter Fan Dance, there was only 10 weeks left until the London Marathon! That Sunday I completed my first 'Long Run' a 13.4miler, which if truth be told wasn't really a long run, as two weeks previous I'd completed 15.5miles with 35lb bergen in treacherous conditions on the Fan, however the significance of  getting that first 'Long Run' done wasn't lost on me, it was the first major run that would set the tone for the rest of my build up to the Marathon.
Balancing home, family and work isn't easy and I've had to try and find a solution that allows me to juggle all three without dropping a bollock! …