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The Winter Fan Dance Event - The "If you're going thru Hell, keep going" Edition

Here we are, at the red phone box once more, huddled together with friends, a group of people that have become more important to me and the collective than I or we (at a guess) ever dare imagined - once again we are there to take on the infamous Fan Dance, having a giggle and only looking forward to what tortures lay ahead. Ever since last winter when due to the weather, I made the decision not to travel, not taking part in that event has eaten away at me. I'd feared I'd missed out on the true SF challenge, the pictures and the stories, had told me so, which meant I'd missed out on a nod from my brother to say "well done bro, you've done it, rest easy!" But here we were.

The Summer Edition allayed some of those demons, but once again the weather played it's part and the imposed conditions, due to the tragic events the week before, meant the additional weight requirements were even more torturous, but necessary. Thankfully I was able to lay my tribute to Ll…