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It's been a while.......

.....since the Fan Dance and subsequently the last post, so what's happened since? Back in January, the 6th to be exact, Caroline and I discovered that we were expecting our first child, and on working the dates we found out that little Rushy was due to be born - the day before The Paras'10 at Catterick, September 7th. I'd already paid for my entry to all three Paras'10 events for 2013, but from very early on Mrs R, made it crystal clear that there would be no way I would be collecting my 'Treble of Pain' T Shirt!

As the day loomed closer jokes were shared with Stephen Cooper (Director of the ParaCharity) that we could call the little man 'Catterick', especially if he did actually turn up on race day, which for a time looked likely!

Caz's waters broke late Saturday on the Eve of the Paras'10, actually on his due date, and for a while we did anticipate that the little man would indeed take his bow that day, but labour laboured and come Monday morni…