Monday, 30 July 2012

Bloody Hamstrings, Sand, Lonely Hearts and not so Lonely Hearts.....

.......all crammed into one weekend. Peckle (James or Oompa) got things rolling Saturday morning, posting a snap of himself, sweating again, he is a sweaty little bugger, an action shot to boot, in kit, Bergen on, arm extended in front of face (to take said photo), and once again I can't help that think his pursuit of a wife would be better served by posting slightly less sweaty pics of himself. So please ladies, if you're reading this and a sweaty little Peckle is your bag, then please get in touch, you could be 'The One' he is determined (desperate) to find - you never know he could be the Charlie to your Chocolate Factory! 

Para Charity? Free to a good home!
Some of the boys (Cooper, Pete, Bear, John and Jono) got together at Coops Saturday afternoon, for a little beasting, followed by a BBQ. A run of  close to 8 miles, with weight, in boots (for some), saw varying degrees of success. Success it seemed, was measured predominantly by John (Midds) who was on his leaving do from work the previous evening, success was not throwing Jono into the bushes as he pushed him out of the way in an attempt to not throw up over the boys or indeed not throwing up at all. The boys sensed something was wrong, when they kept asking if he was ok, and they only got a one word answer 'yep'! He managed to get through 4.2m before calling it a day, by that point the nausea and dizziness had really set in, so a gentle walk back was called for. For the most part the boys all got through ok, although a few niggles that seem to always be there, still continue to be there, but the consensus is that everyone's feeling a lot more confident about the task ahead. For me the Hamstrings still continue to cause me problems, every time I start to really push on, the hammies drag me back, it's so soul destroying, especially being so close to the event. Physio is booked for Wednesday, and I'm hoping he can shed some light on the problem, but for the meantime, my #gettingaheadofthegames ploy is still operational, but instead of running into work with my weighted Bergen on, it will have to be a march instead. Shall have to be getting myself in the pool too, just to keep me ticking over, but bad hammies or not, I will crawl around that course if I have to!

The Boys - Pre-run (hence the smiles)
Sunday was also spent prepping the Bergen for the event, building sand parcels! 10 No. bags of 1.5kg and 1 odd bag of what was left 600gms! I'm not sure how easy it is going to be packing it all in there so it's comfortable, but there's still 6 weeks to figure it out! 

Sunday Fun, playing in the Sand!!
Cousin Craig continues to impress not only with his training but his attitude, he really is doing Lloydy proud, 10 miles Friday night was followed by a conversation Saturday afternoon, that gave me gooseys just listening to the enthusiasm and determination in his voice - so proud of you all boys!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

With Catterick.......

.........looming large, and the impending doom of normal working people trying to earn a living, whilst our Capital City hosts the Capitalist monstrosity that is the Olympic Games, I've decided that if you can't beat them, then you may as well join them! My morning commute normally involves me trying to squeeze myself onto a Northern Line tube from Euston to London Bridge, for the next month or so, those of us who have not been encouraged via the rather helpful Mayor of London and 'Get Ahead of the Games' directive, to take a six week holiday or work from home, have had walking routes maps frequently thrust into our mitts, rather ironically with a 'free' tube/oyster ticket wallet! Tomorrow is season ticket renewal day, and the first day of the 'home stretch' before the first event in Catterick on Sunday 9th September. When the alarm goes off at 0600, I shall be (for the next six weeks ) donning my ParaCharity t-shirt a pair of shorts or trousers, my trainers or boots, and my bergen, oh and a rather sweaty glow. A round trip of almost 10 miles a day is gonna do that to you, so if you come in to contact with me, I apologise, but don't blame me, blame that moppy haired eegit Boris! To be honest though, the demise of the commuter routes is probably a 'Godsend'. I use that word loosely, but I know now that being forced onto the streets of London, in my bid to get into the office, means for the next 6 weeks I really get some decent solid training in, to supplement what I've already done, and the conditioning work I'll be doing when I get back to MK. It's gonna be a tough 6 weeks, but right now, I'm looking forward to it. Although come tomorrow evening it may be a different story, if the running through London's Streets turns into, the normal melee encountered of a usual morning and evening, and as I am doing, so is every other commuter in London too (Oh not to mention the little Hammy pull I have at the mo, could be an interesting morning)! 

Training continues to be a mixed bag for all of us at the moment, some of the guys I hear nothing from week to week, in some cases I worry, in others I know, they'll be perfectly fine, so don't need to. For me personally, I was really starting to motor again, and then failed to warm up properly before going for my run, and the next thing I know my hamstring goes, not a happy bunny. I've concentrated on conditioning work for the last week and got some rowing in to, so hopefully the little imposed lay off, will not have to detrimental an affect. For the most part I'm always in close contact with John, Jono, Pete and Bear. Pete was having a frequent dates with the foam roller, Bear if he's not getting blisters the size of a fist is picking up little niggles, but still getting training done, and Jono, is having to spend most of his time in the pool. We are all praying that he's able to get through this, his 'OAP' knees, really are causing him problems. John continues to progress after his early setbacks with his knees, for the most part putting the rest of us to shame with his determination. My cousin Craig is doing incredible things, and Peckle last I heard was spotted up to his knees in mud in Friday woods, which to be fair isn't difficult, and by all accounts he quite enjoys it! One thing I do know though is that come that first event, those niggles will be forgotten, the trial and tribulations will be a thing of the past, sure after the event, they may well rear their ugly head, and so be it, but the most part, the difficulties faced, will be faced together, and the inspiration of a great man will be enough to drive us on. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


.......the 3rd Stag do outing of the year, this time in the Paris of Eastern Europe - Budapest, the body has either not come to terms with the punishment yet or indeed it has and I've come out of it relatively unscathed! I'm not sure which way I'm erring, but I went for a run in full kit and full weight in the Bergen Monday evening, and was in rag state, it wasn't pleasant, actually that's an understatement, it was chuffing torture. The first few hundred yards were horrible, it was almost like I was trying to move house, and carry the bugger from the foundations! Gradually I settled into a decent rhythm, and for the next mile and half felt ok, not great but I thought I'll get round 4 miles in relative comfort, then smash! Right into a wall, the lower calves and the achilles began to protest and to say I was at that point regretting the decision to go out and giving it the 'charlies' is again an understatement. I proceeded to limp round the remaining 2 miles in relative discomfort tabbing when I had to, giving it a blast when I could. Now what worries me is that after a '48 hour eating is cheating' weekend, the body hasn't woken up yet from it's drunken slumber and worse is yet to come or indeed that's about as bad as it'll get and I was just dusting off the 'turbo-shandy' cobwebs. I'm hoping it's the latter, otherwise the confidence is gonna take a hit as hard as that wall I hit! Still thankfully between now and the event, there are no more stag do's, a couple of weddings to contend with, but I think for the next 8 weeks I shall be taking a seat on the wagon. However, it only makes me admire my little brother more, because to be fair I think he spent most of his army life on the smash when he wasn't in theatre and some how still managed to resemble a machine! I asked my sister-in-law after Monday's effort how he did it.......she replied "Fook only knows lol", I think I do, desire, determination and a good dose of Pernod and Black! Cheers little brother xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

2 more throwing.........

.............themselves into the cause! We are now up to 18 strong, Stevie Elliott a close friend of Lloydys and mine, is taking part in the event on Sunday 21st October in Colly and Chris (Abbo) Abbott one of my oldest friends from our exuberant youthful days has decided he's not doing one event, that he's doing both! Stevie is an ex-Para, so knows what he's let himself in for, and at nearly 42 Abbo is easily the oldest of us (it's no longer me, that's all I care about haha), although  he's still kicking a football about, so his fitness levels are still pretty decent. He's begun training with a pack on already (last night, apparantly running to football with it on) and his wife Sam, has decided it's her cue to put him on a diet! Really very proud to have two more wonderful friends standing by my side at the start line come 1100 on those two Sundays.

Well July is here and we are all but 9 weeks away from the first event, the boys are really getting the miles under their belts and I reckon that most of them, as I do, have the Paras'10 Training Programme on the fridge. June was a bit of non-event for me, with my 40th birthday and all the surprises Caz had planned for me, training became, just getting it done when I could. July has hit back with a vengance though and now I'm following the programme the event really does seem to be looming large! Now only time we tell if we prepared well enough for the event and I obviously can't keep track of everyone to ensure they're putting the effort in, but one thing is for sure, we have all the inspiration we need to get us through and I can guarantee there will be no shortage of Airborne Spirit!

Monday, 2 July 2012


.........myself at the weekend! I've been wearing a pair of Lloydys boots for certain elements of my training up until now, but have known since I started running in them that I needed something else. They are big boots to fill for a start (obviously because they were his, and secondly because for some reason, my little bother never actually bought footwear that actually fitted him properly) and perfect for the Beacons at a leisurely pace, but heavy when it's come to picking up the pace. I really wanted to give the Meindls a chance, to complete the event in them, but they really do make running in them difficult. So I plumped (as I had been encouraging the boys to do, after advice I had been given) for the Alt-berg Sneekers, so no excuses now, with 10 weeks to go, it really is about knuckling down and becoming best friends with the new boots, although, for the time being I will miss the Meindls.

My new best friends.......