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We have now.......

................hit the £5k mark, just over £4.5k in online donations and that's just what I know about and can physically see. The total may be even greater than that as I know Peckles workmates have been extremely generous with their support and we may actually be closer to £6k. However, we're not stopping there, we still have nearly 3 months to pester you all, but we're not like those charity muggers that dance in front of you, to stop you in your tracks or frightening the life out of you, or offer you giant false smiles or compliments, just to get you to part with your hard earned cash.

This is just a gentle reminder of why we're doing brother was a truly remarkable man, doing a remarkable job, to protect us all, he was selfless and inspirational just like every soldier that has made the ultimate sacrifice for his Queen, his Country, his family and his friends.



.......gone, saw the 1st anniversary of Lloydy passing, and if there ever was a reminder of why we are doing this, then there is no bigger pull than that. I miss my little brother every day, I obviously don't need to state that, but significant dates have a way of ensuring that that loss hits home.........very hard.

John and I were in Hereford at the weekend and began Saturday morning with a run to see Lloydy, admittedly we underestimated how far it was, some of the hills, the headwind and generally how soul destroying the route is from the Starting Gate to Credenhill, but nonetheless, we started so we knew we had to finish! Turns out it was only 3.5m there and obviously the same back, but a decent effort at 8 in the morning, with a few beers the night before and on an empty stomach! But again his example spurred us on, and to be with him, by his graveside, sweating profusely meant a lot to both of us.

Significant dates are by far the hardest, and dealing with them is still very dif…
Well well well.... 3 months to go..... I had better get odd the sofa......Just kidding, I have just completed  60 minutes with full kit and boots! I will not lie, I struggled for the first 10 minutes trying to find a steady rhythm and with a few tweaks of the bergen straps that was me, 2 minutes doing the brecon shuffle 1 minute speed march.
Head down ass up seemed to be the order of the day, especially on the steep inclines, it seems all the strength and plyometric training I have been doing is paying off as the legs seemed to hold up well.....Until I stopped and I was like a weeble wobble.....left shin flared up, no pain no gain eh!

"Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body"

I am looking forward to the next 3 months and the punishment that will be bestowed on us..... by Karl if we forget dose him up on haribo!
Yes that is me (PECKLE) with a scale picture of me and Haribo Cola bottle.....other brand cola bottles are available at all good retailers!

Happy Training chaps! 

Getting closer..........

........boys yesterday saw the '3 months to go' milestone appear! I cannot begin to stress how important the next three months are, this really is the most important phase to ensure the event for all of us is a success, physically, mentally and emotionally! Whilst we are all in this together, it is up to you as individuals to be responsible for your preparation, and if you are not prepared, then we all suffer - simple as! Get the weight on your back, and just try and imagine what you've let yourselves in for and get yourselves mentally and physically prepared, it will be tough, and there is no way of sugar coating it, but please don't be put off either, three months is more than enough time to prepare yourself, you can prepare for a marathon in three months - just get the trainers/boots and the sweat on! Oh and sort your sponsorship out!