Wednesday, 21 March 2012

We are chuffed....... announce that, this morning we have reached our orginal target of £2000 for The ParaRegiment Charity, so I've upped the bar and with 6 months (ish) to go, have raised the team target to £4000. This morning we also reached the half way target for Help for Heroes, so £1000 raised, but I know we can do more, much more. I can't thank the boys enough for their efforts and for the generosity that has been shown thus far, but I'm hoping with the time left before the first event, there will be considerably more money making its way to the charities we are supporting, thank you and please continue to dig deep, it really does make a difference.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Unlike Jono........

........James and I managed to go new wheels shopping and actually by a complete pair! My purchase was brought on by 11 miles of sheer agony Saturday morning, when for the first time in a long while shin splints hit me hard and instead of doing the sensible thing and going home, I was determined they wouldn't beat me, eventually they subsided or were just subduded by the pain in my knees, I'm not sure which! My gladitorial spirit was only matched by my determination to get rid of the old and get in the new. The trainers that I have been running in are in excess of 10 years old, and have never been subjected to the punishment they have taken from my pounding over the last 6 to 8 weeks. The shooting pains up the inside of my shins, were pretty obvious when I hobbled through the door, sadly Emmins wasn't there to take pity, so then by the time I'd climbed the three floors to our bedroom, where she was grooming herself, exhausted from my efforts and everything aching it was damn obvious and I declared "I don't care what else we do today, but I'm getting new running shoes", she didn't offer any objections, other than I smelt bad, was soaking wet and was in need of a shower to make me nicer to know! After eventually loading myself up with protein via Nando's we get to Up & Running, where I'm greeted with a multitude of running shoes and for the life of me I can't remember anything about my fit, anyway after running around the store like a madman, almost knocking small children into oblivion, we determine I have a neutral gait and 3 pairs of shoes later the new wheels are fitted. Shame they couldn't give me an MOT whilst I was in there too!


Rushy's New Wheels

Peckle's New Wheels (slightly gayer version)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

6 months........

.........and counting DOWN! Rapidly!Which also means it only just over 7 months until my wedding, which we fly out for the day after Paras'10 Colchester. Get two for the price of one people, you get supporting and I'll do both events and suffer the wrath of my Future Wife! I can hear her in my ear now....."you better not get injured" and Emmins if you're reading this, it's all you fault, you put the idea in my head!

I have been pounding the streets, ensuring people know who we're supporting, the T-shirts are getting some serious miles in now, and getting drenched to be fair! Still no H4H yet though, still look like a bag of conkers in it!



The training has really stepped up now and I personally can feel myself getting stronger and fitter every week, not sure my knees would agree though. I'm currently averaging 3 runs a week at about 20 miles collectively, with strength work thrown in on rest days. The 'lbs' are definitely coming off as are the minutes and the resting heart rate is coming down too, so all moving in the right direction. I'm hoping that by Mid-April I will be at fighting weight and can begin the conditioning and building work. John continues to gather momentum after his knee troubles although still under physios order, his training is beginning to pick up, which is great for him. Adam did the Bath Half at the weekend and nailed a 1hr44, a more than decent 8min/miling! Congrats buddy.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Stirring up a hornets nest......

...........Friday I sent round a little 'message' to my fellow 'Ally' team members, it went something like this:

"Boys, call me paranoid if you wish, but a fair few of you have been quiet of late, so just wanted to check that everyone's ok. That training is going ok etc. Also, if there are any of you having second thoughts about participating for whatever reason, let me know, so I can try and resolve or replace if necessary, I know what we're doing is a big ask, so if you decide the event isn't for you, then that's fine, but I just want to know that everyone's ok and committed, because to complete this event, we will all have to be."

Quicker than a tramp on a vacated bag of chips, came 8 replies, with various responses 'All good - been running into work with my bag on my back', 'Like a tramp around Chips - on it!', 'On it like car bonnet!', 'You can check the hair on my balls Karl when you get 5 mins' (obviously my personal favourite - thanks Brooky you dirty Yorkshire Teabagger), 'Just got this after 6 days of smashing myself on the slopes' (God some of the boys just Bitch!), 'Never in doubt', Not a quitter so I'll be there' and Coley offering everyone to tag along on his week 9 of endurance training for the Marathon! 8 replies however means there were 7 non-replies, of the 7 non-replies I know that 6 are busting a gut, in some cases quite literally! One remains a concern, luckily we do have a 'reservist'! Andy Tucker is our 17th member, and raring to go.........

The weekend saw myself do my Forrest Gump impression, Caz expecting me to go out for my standard 5miles on Saturday morning began to contemplate deploying a search party, when gone the hour I still hadn't fallen through the door, blowing a gale out of my backside. After 76 mins I appeared, obviously knackered and drenched in wet stuff, but openly triumphant. My MapMyRun app informed that I had knocked out 10.2 miles, a first for in excess of 10.2 years! Ollie completed his half-marathon event in MK, and clocked an impressive 1hr26, although he insisted he took it a little easy, back to standing on one hand whilst having a p*ss territory I fear! Adam is set to do a half-marathon at the weekend, so we wish him well. The week ahead I shall be out pounding the streets tonight, with some gym work Tues and Weds before another run Thurs and another run Saturday, before my darling little niece arrives for the weekend to give me the run around! Oh and maybe, just maybe, signing up for the Colchester Paras'10 event too..............