Saturday, 28 January 2012


I have just returned from 2 weeks away with work, the 1st in Aberdeen and the 2nd in Sunderland, I kept up my base level fitness in the gyms that were available ( as Aberdeen and Sunderland are far to mountainous for my spandex clad workouts ) upon my  return after a week of nights,  I felt sluggish and unmotivated for any phys at all... and had banked on a fresh start on monday...

Then when sitting at traffic lights in Colchester I saw a flash of maroon weaving its away around the streets, It was a section of Paras in the full Kit out on a tab, bergens boots maroon t shirts the vert gear we will be donning in a few short months time. One of the lads seemed to be struggling and two of his oppos were pulling him along giving him encouragment, they were sweating heavily, hanging on out their hoops, yet they still found the energy to help the young lad... the lights turned green yet I didn't move, I waved the lads on and as they passed I felt a huge amount of pride and renewed motivation, so when I returned home, instead of resting on my laurels I got on my new boots and headed for friday woods for an hour of all terrain fartlek!  my boots have lost their cherry and are still shiny yet I know come september they will be worn and dull!

keep up the training gays!!!!


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Jurassic Crack: The Lost Stone..........

.......not to be confused with dinosaurs and all things prehistoric, however, it would appear that since Xmas, Garfster has managed a monstrous effort, and misplaced a stone! Luckily one of the other lads has spotted it whilst they were out trying out their spandex. In all seriousness I would like to recognise that as a phenominal effort, and to say that I think I can speak for all of us, when I say that we are very proud of you, as would Lloydy be. Top stuff buddy!

On a slightly more concerning note (for those of us trying to get back fit, as oppose to being already there), Coley continues to set the benchmark that the rest of us are trying to attain. 15 miles cross country completed over the weekend in 1hr59. As much as I admire him right now, I also want to stab him in the leg. Next he'll be standing on one hand, upside down, taking a p**s............................


In all seriousness again, this is what I expect from of all of us come September, although I'd advise gloves and a splash mask! Keep pushing that bar higher buddy!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Are we taking this seriously?

With all of us geographically scattered around the country or globe as Banksy is currently in Canada, training together is difficult so training in most cases really is a solitary affair. These cold mornings especially in the centre of the country where are I am, don't feel you with enthusiasm, especially as at the moment, when you put your head out the door, it's like putting your face into the eye of the storm from the film 2012! But freeze our faces off we must, and every other piece of our bodies that may well be exposed, I guess at least Banksy must be used to it!

One person definitely missing out on the frozen apendages is John 'I'm leaving my trainers at home' Middleton, who flew out to Sri Lanka on 8th January for 5 days before exhausting himself with copious amounts of cocktail drinking in the Maldives for a fortnight. Not jealous at all! I just can't wait for him to get back, so that collectively we can introduce him to an ice bath - cheeky bstd hasn't even sent a postcard!

Kieron 'Bear' Browne turns 33 soon, and must have been, until this week at least, the oldest person in the world without an email account! Finally Bear has joined the technological age, there'll be no stopping him now, soon he'll be on 'Facebook' and then who knows 'Twatter'!

Garf has gone and bought himself some boots, but is refusing to get them dirty, apparently because they're nice and shiny, insisting he'll be running around the puddles, should be interesting when we drag him through a shallow river or two!

My personal training regime is just about to hit the ground running properly, for me personally, the last couple of years, exercise has taken a back seat, my advancing years has seen me hang up my football boots and my trainers, which now in hindsight was a mistake of epic proportions! The training isn't as easy as it used to be, but I'm a firm believer in 'nothing worth having is achieved easily'. Therefore, I'll get used to the aching limbs, sore muscles, and chaffing and try and stretch properly, as, so I'm constanly informed, at my age especially, should be undertaking stretching a lot more seriously - God, I may be nearly 40, but I'm not decrepid people! However, I'm not sure that stretching properly extends to Yoga and Pilates. I pride myself on being completely in touch with my feminine side, I've been known to wear a lot of pink, I cook (which now on reflection sounds misogynistic - which I'm not for any of you feminists out there) and I like to moisturise, but Yoga and Pilates? James this week is in Aberdeen on a course and remarked on our group page on FB -

Lets leave the Spandex to Women?!
"Good news chaps.... There's a gym next to my hotel which I get to use for free! Gonna do a bit of strength training on the old legs tonight followed by some yoga! ( if I stretch my legs they may get longer )"

Peckle limbering up?
Now I'm all for trying something new, but seriously I now have a vision of James (Peckle) in Spandex, and me and my big mouth throw down the gauntlet! What do I do, insult him obviously, I call him "GAY", which on reflection wasn't clever and I'm not for one moment insisting that those of us born as a result of XY chromosomes are automatically gay if you participate in a yoga class, but it's not manly is it (unless of course I find out that the boys from Merveille have introduced it into their fitness regimes), then I may well have to back track! Peckle insists your not gay, unless you wear Spandex (thanks for clearing that up). It's at that point, I throw down the gauntlet and instantly regret it, and wish I'd kept my mouth shut! Peckle then states he'll get someone to take pics of him limbering up, then Brooky pipes up and the Yorkshire Teabagger decides this sh*t just got serious! Now I'm not a fan of camel toes, and it strikes me that a man in spandex will render results far more alarming to the human eyes and brain, than a camel toe, but it appears it has now become Brooky's mission to be the first (and I'm hoping the only one of us) to have their picture taken in Spandex in a full class!

So in answer to my question - Are we taking this seriously? For me, unequivocally yes, any of us that are prepared to wear Spandex for the cause, takes this challenge on to a whole new level! The reward (Brooky insists) will be to be King for ever, Brooky my dear friend, if you do it, I will hero worship you forever and I'll never poke you or Peckle with a gay jibe again!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Afghan Heroes

Our training t-shirts have arrived, thanks to John and his work! We are very proud to be able to wear these whilst we are pounding the streets, cowpats, shallow brooks, bogs and gym! They will look particularily fetching drenched in our hard earned sweat!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Our Facebook Group Page

Mans Best Friend.... not a dog, it's a beautiful red can, that gives off noxious gases when applied. The wondrous stence of Saturday afternoon and Sunday Morning changing rooms up and down the land. That best friend is Deep Heat, and Craig has been applying as enthusiastically as mans other best friend dry humping your leg! The Xmas fallout has well and truly taken hold, Craig has been racking up the 'k's' and Garf has joined a gym, although I'm not sure how enamoured he is, because he said to me "what the f**k have you done to me?" He'll be thanking me when he's blowing out of his ass when we cross that finish line in 36 weeks time (I hope, otherwise he'll probably never talk to me again)! Adam, Bansky and Chris spent the Xmas holiday in Canada on the new fangled 'Jager Training' regime at altitude. Judging by the pictures theirs efforts were very successful, they really got stuck into their training, although you clearly haven't put enough effort into your workouts if your not needing to blow chunks come the end of it - must try harder boys!



We also do..........

..........lonely hearts! This is James or Peck or Peckle as he's affetionately known! This self taken photograph was supposedly taken after a beasting in the gym, personally I think he's just a sweaty bstd who like's to dress in leisure wear. He's approximately 36" tall, is fully house trained, his hygiene is exemplary other than the obvious leaking problem, he has a very GSOH, and is free to a good home. The only downside is that he can't do the washing up or cooking as he cannot reach the sink or cooker. His favourite pastime is tree climbing (bonsai's) and he has a fascination with penguins! He also loves burning faggots and to party naked, but I'm not entirely sure what that means!

Peckle partying naked!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

36 weeks to go..........

.........and it gets serious NOW! With the jolly fat man in the bright red suit, safely back in the North Pole, taking a well earned rest, it's time for those of us who have pledged allegiance to the tribute we are to pay my little brother, to once again don the running shoes and hit the cowpats! Any clocks or watches received from Father Christmas will be ticking more raucously than normal and reverberating around anything those ticks and tocks come into contact with. New Years resoultions will have been undoubtedly made, but for those of us embarking on the challenge, New Years resolutions are rendered at little bit useless, as ours were made back in September! However it's now that we must hold true on the promises we made to ourselves, to each other and more importantly to those of you who have already shown us incredible support and donated to the causes we are supporting! Please keep following us and reading about our endeavours and we promise to do you all and my little brother proud.