Tales from across the Frozen Pond and the Foam Roller of DOOM!

Finally some good news for Jono, after last weeks trials and tribulations, running with just one shoe on, this week he appears to have found the missing one, and all of a sudden, the training is slightly easier. A couple of 3 milers to get his base miles in, a bit of stretching and some bashing of the old foam roller (that's not a euphamism, well it could be I guess) and he's almost as good as new. Someone slightly less enthuiastic of the Foam Roller is Midds, the poor boy has only had the roller for comfort for weeks now due to his 'runners knee' (ironic really, as this is the first time ever in his life he's pounded the streets in anger), but work with the physio has finally paid off. He's now been given the all clear and the streets are ready once more to receive him pounding them! Although I'm guessing the Foam Roller of DOOM may well get a pounding now, for inflicting pain on poor John, although rumour has it the last time we were all drunk together it received some abuse! Aptly however, it would appear though there is far too much truth in the maxim 'no pain, no gain'!

Free to a BAD home.........Not to be confused with the weapon of choice of Hatchet 'Hack you up with 'an Hatchet' Harry from Lock, stock, but the Foam Roller of DOOM!
There has been news from across the Atlanic this week. Banksy as mentioned before is currently working in Vancouver, which I guess is like home from home really, frickin cold, just like Glasgow on a Summers day. But despite being thousands of miles away across the frozen pond, his training regime is in fall swing (so he says, off course we are in no position to prove otherwise), his little ditty goes thus........"training is going well mate. Currently hitting the gym about twice a week, doing about 40mins on the bike and some light weights on the upper body (just to start building the tissue). Also got the football three times a week – one outdoor 11’s game a week, one indoor 5’s game a week and one training sesh midweek. Had to spend a bit of time at the physio/sports massage wifey as I’ve been suffering from calf and knee troubles on the left leg".

I guess there are a number of constants for us all, we're all bloody cripples, and we are taking this event very seriously, which considering the difficultly of it, is comforting on some level. Well, unless of course your Coley, he's just on a different planet entirely, his marathin training is in full swing, and 20 miles are now a cake walk, or that's what it'll become once he's completed the London Marathon, because that's what we'll be feeding him to slow the bugger down! On a serious note, please support his cause, make those miles easier for him, by helping him raise some money as a tribute to his dad, which is after all why we're doing the Paras'10 in the first place, as a tribute to Lloydy.


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