Monday, 28 November 2011

Freezing mornings, training groans and aspirations...........

.............looking out the window at 5:30am, now that winter appears to have arrived, confronted with a shimmering white icy ground covering is enough to make the balls shrink, and enough to make me want to shrink back into the my nice warm bed, but without sacrifice, there is no victory! It really is this time of year that makes training difficult, because freezing your nuts off is always gonna come off second best to staying snuggly warm, but I keep telling myself that if I can get through the next couple of months, then I can get through this challenge, getting the trainers on is the only battle. Although trying to do an old skool circuits routine whilst out doing my laps and sprints is cold on the old digits, so like a big girl, had to invest in some gloves so frostbite doesn't take hold out there.

Minor injuries and man flu seems to be hitting  the group at the mo, and anyone who's had man flu will know how debilitating it is, so my sympathies go out, but seriously boys - man up! Rub yourselves down with Vic vapour rub, or better still get someone else to do it!

The aspirations for this challenge is to get round the course under the 1hr 50. 11 min miling would under normal circumstances be a doddle, but we know full well that a course designed to test the best soldiers that deem themselves worthy of a maroon beret, is going to beast seven bales out of us mere mortals, especially when you've got 16kg to lug about too. All 16 of us are also probably at different levels of fitness, or just not fit at all, so have some serious work ahead of us! That is all the more apparent when Brooky throws down the gauntlet and insists we should be hitting 7 minute miling already, bstd! But hey we're doing this because we are up for the challenge, so bring it on!

Monday, 21 November 2011

New Year Training Get Together.....

......after a lovely dovey convo with the gorgeous Yorkshireman Brooky this morning, it was deemed imperative that we sort out an 'Ally Airborne' manfest for as soon after the Xmas hols as is humanly possible. Everyone will undoubtedly be gearing to go, to get rid of the Xmas turkey or vegetarian alternative come the beginning of January anyway, so boys, get your woman's diary out, and send me some dates that you'll be able to commit to so that get this show on the road, in the proper manner! In all seriousness I would like to be able to get as many of us to together as often as we can, it's a big test ahead of us and getting together for training and beers will really help us 'smash'  it!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gorillas in the mist..........

Gorilla Fuel

Gorillas on the p1ss!
  .......I got myself out of bed for an early Saturday morning loosener (which after my run with Cuz Craig on Thursday night, three miles felt like 10). Just before I got my running shoes on I sent a message to the boys and suggested they do the same, to which the reply came "no running today, maybe tomorrow". John, Bear and Jono had been on a Friday 'Leo Sayer', strength and endurance event that descended into a MOT marathon that took them well into the early hours of Saturday morning! Judging by the messages and the pics of an empty Barcadi bottle I found on my phone when I woke up anyway. A rather muted day from the boys, probably due to nursing hangovers of Silverback proportions, was followed up by reports Sunday morning that John and Bear were spotted by the ghost of Dian Fossey, racking up the miles once more, around the Witham jungle, 8.23 to be exact! At this rate the 10 mile tab will be a breeze for them come next September!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Homomonstrosities............ decide! Thankfully these things weren't something my little brother 'aquired' from me! But John decided he'd give them a go. If you see him running around the streets of Witham wearing them, feel free to laugh your socks off!

Those bloody homo trainers have finished me off.....

Well I was warned I looked like a homo but carried on with my run in the 'five toe' trainers and what a bad idea!!! My calf muscles feel like they are going explode and am having great trouble walking. That's my running finished for the next few days. Shame as was hoping to get some miles in this week. Oh well cheers Lloydy Boy but your 'homomonstrosities' as Karl refers to them are being put back in the wrapping! Onwards and upwards.... cheers all John 'aka' BEN

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Is very chuffed to announce........

.......that we now have our 16th team member, that's four full teams taking on the Paras'10 challenge as a tribute to my darling brother and raising money for some wonderful causes. Take a bow Pete Johnson. I'm very proud to see so many wonderful friends standing by my side taking this on!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

15th member confirmed..........

..........after a period of silence that was at times deafening, John Banks has confirmed he's definitely in. There was some discussion that he may well have been maimed for suggesting to his future wife that he wants to embark on our 'jolly' a week after he gets married. Thankfully though that appears to not be the case, this morning, the thumbs up came, leaving just the one place to fill.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I am now the proud owner of a shiny new gym membership............again! although this one will be getting used to the full extent of its purpose rather then the 4 previous ones which turned out to be rather expensive sauna memberships. 1st personal training session booked for 8pm on thursday under the instruction of no mercy!  Nice job on the sponsorship forms Karl, look really smart mate, all printed and ready to go! So you have all your records up to date, Im collecting for Ella-Maes trust as well and the nickname for my shirt will be 'Beany' mate. If you dont hear from me thursday night it means I passed out at the gym session! x

Message to........

......Kieron, affectionately known as 'Bear' to us, for obvious reasons, well not obvious if you don't know him! He's a giant of a man, who looks soft and cuddly, but quite possibly not too soft and cuddly if you reside at Chelmsford nick at Her Majesty's pleasure! John had received a message over the weekend from Bear to inform us that he'd completed 4 miles with 9kg on his back, so we thought we'd send him a little message of support to let him know how proud of him we are! Standing in Stony Stratford High Street on Sunday morning, giggling like little schoolboys we found the perfect message.......

.......stepping it up!

With Paul's example ringing alarm bells in the ear lugs, Saturday sees myself in the gym for almost two hours, beasting myself until I'm done. All things cardio, including, the rower, treadmill and cross trainer. Then some strength work for the quads and the shoulders. Little did I know I'd suffer for it so bad come Sunday afternoon during John and I's 'nice' run as he referred to it. 'Nice' is to nondescript, it was hellish, but purely because my quads decided that they weren't having any of it, and staged a sit in after the beasting they got the day before! Without exaggerating for the most part it was 6 miles of agony, which in the grand scheme of things isn't worth writing about, however it gave us something to laugh about with my constant bitching! John just ploughed on like he'd been running miles all his life! Tomorrow morning at 0530 the route will be getting a pasting, as it's officially 10 months until the Challenge, and I've promised myself that that's when it gets really serious, preparation is everything, will miss my running partner though!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Nutter..... would appear that for some of our team members (well one in particular Mr Paul Cole), that putting themselves through one gruelling challenge is just simply not enough. As well as still continuing to play rugby (at his age), he has just informed us, he has entered the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest event in London next Saturday (12th November). But not content at that, he is also taking part in the 2012 Virgin London Marathon, raising money for British Heart Foundation (Paul's fundraising page), in memory of his dad. We wish you all the very best buddy (nutter). It looks like the bar has been raised considerably for the rest of us boys!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Back in the groove........ the relative safety of Virgin Active Gym, there were no angry geese to contend with tonight and no fear of face planting into cow dung! I have the need to get rid of the same amount of weight that I'll be strapping on the back before next years event. Therefore, some serious cardio is on the menu for the next couple of months, to strip the excess before the real work starts. But whilst I'm doing that I shall be getting as much strength work done to beast the legs and begin the endurance work. 4 miles on the rower done tonight, along with some beasting on the treadmill for 20 mins with the gradient at full whack, with quad work to finish!

John continues to set the pace in the training stakes, booming out miles upon miles every week, although there appears to be a few guilt miles thrown in, due to beasting himself at the bar! Thankfully this week so far he's avoided the need to put us all to shame and strap some weight on again, although to be fair if he continues at this rate we'll all be coasting round the event with him dragging us along!

On another note it appears I need to remind the boys that they are all capable of updating this blog as they've all had the account details!! Boys check your emails and get updating!