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Up to 14 Strong now..........

Chris Walker, Adam Allegri and Oliver Stross have taken the plunge and joined us in our quest to raise as muuch as we can for our chosen causes and as support in our tribute to Lloydy. Chuffed to have so many wonderful people supporting what I'm trying to achieve.

On a personal training note, first run back this morning after a severe ankle strain went ok, apart from an angry gaggle of geese, a minefield of cow sh*t and  getting lost on the public rights of way around Bucks, back to the endurance work tomorrow!

Now there are 11.....

.......we are grateful in our joint suffering to welcome, Neil Bradley and Andrew Cooper into the team mix for the event, we are hoping to add one more before the end of the month and then we'll have 3 teams out there on 9th September, paying tribute to my brother and raising money for some wonderful causes. As always thank you for your support and hopefully before long we'll have some proper stories and photos to adorn this blog!

Thank you.......

Almost a week into the fundraising effort and we've nearly hit £1000.00 for the 3 causes! We can't thank you enough for the support you've already shown, however we've still got a long way to go to achieve all our targets, completing the training and the course, raising as much money as possible and doing Lloydy proud. So please keep the support coming, every bit makes a huge difference, thank you xx

Sponsorship Form

A sponsorship form for Lloydy's Daughters Trust has now been created and is available, so should you wish to contribute to her trust, please get in touch. Thank you.

In memory of a True Hero, my brother, Cpl Lloyd Newell

On 16th June 2011 Cpl Lloyd Newell was fatally wounded by small arms fire, whilst on operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Cpl Lloyd Newell is my little brother, my hero, a giant among men, a man who always went a little further. A husband, a father, a son, a brother, a brother-in-arms, a friend. A hero, to us all.

As a tribute to him, myself, and at the moment 8 friends (John Middleton, Garf Stock, Craig Ford, Kieron Browne, Jono Twohey, Paul Cole, James Davison and Gaz Brook) have begun training to take part in and complete the Paras'10 P Coy Challenge. This is our diary. The event will take place 9th September 2012, we have 11 months to beast ourselves into shape, to take on one of the toughest endurance races there is, to do my brother proud!

Further to taking part in this challenge as a tribute to Lloydy, we will be raising money for three wonderful causes, The Para Charity, Help for Heroes and my darling nieces trust. Please take the time to visit our pages on this b…